R.J. Archer, author of the Seeds Of Civilization series and the follow-up Parallel Ops series
mystery/adventure novels with a SciFi twist
Seeds of Civilization: Join Frank, Tony, Linda and Jim, the members of NWIDI, as they investigate three unique – and unsolved – archaeological mysteries: the underground caverns of the Maya, the underwater pyramid at Yonaguni and the sunken “Lost City of Cuba” in the Caribbean.

Seeds of Civilization,
series one, by R.J. Archer

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Parallel Ops,
series two, by R.J. Archer

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Parallel Ops: Ancient civilizations and super cartels collide in The Teachers, the finale of the double series.
Five years after the stunning conclusion of the Seeds series, the remaining NWIDI team members search for each other and, in the process, uncover the biggest secret in human history.
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Seeds of Civilization series
Distributor: Ingram
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Parallel Ops series
Mysterious black spheres may provide a link between ancient Maya astronomers and visitors from another world! Ancient ninja weapons may provide a clue to the origin of a 9,000-year-old sunken pyramid in southern Japan! Mysterious alien artifacts reveal the startling truth about the “lost city” recently discovered off the coast of Cuba.  From their secret laboratory, scientists work to protect alien artifacts from powerful international terrorists. While on the run from international terrorists, a young couple stumbles upon a dark secret in the mountains of Mexico’s Baja. From their floating base in the Caribbean, a multi-national team seeks to protect a secret hidden deep beneath the sea.
August 25, 2012. When Frank Morton cashed a winning
lottery ticket in Salem, Oregon back in 2001,
no one could have imagined the chain of events
that would follow!
Beginning with TRACTRIX and concluding with
this series climax—Seven novels accelerate
to a spectacular finish on July 27, 2013.
Will mankind learn before time runs out—again?
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