You've found my home in Cyberspace and I hope you enjoy your visit. Inside, you'll find information about my 7-book double series and meet the 4 main characters who will join you on your journey of mystery and adventure. You'll also learn about 2 future projects that are currently "works in progress."  So, let's "dive" right in (more about that later) and get started. If you're ready to start reading, simply click the button below to order any of my novels in Kindle or paperback format.

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My Projects
Seeds of Civilization

Join Frank Morton and friends on adventures in Mexico, Japan and the Caribbean.

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Parallel Ops

In this series, each of the main characters from 'Seeds' gets their own book - and their own adventure.

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The Dolphin Directive

The adventures continue as humans and dolphins team up .

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Fast Forward

Twenty years after Frank Morton's mysterious disappearance, his nephew rediscoveries his hidden secrets.

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Most Popular Books
Tractrix-at-300 copy

Tractrix introduces you to the main characters and sets the stage for the entire 7-book series.

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Set in the Yucatan, Cuba and the Bahamas, this adventure ends in tragedy for one of the team members.

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The Scientists

Frank and his team get their first glimpse of the strange forces that have been work on Earth for eons.

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The Teachers

Everything becomes clear in the conclusion to the double series .

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Portland, Oregon (2012)

"Take a little of Graham' Hancock's theories on Earth's ancient civilizations, mix in some Clive Cussler-type adventure and action, put on your scuba gear and grab your archaeological text books. Let me see, that's one part action, one part speculative fiction, one part underwater adventure, one part ... aw, heck, don't classify it, just read it!"

Larry Ketchersid, author of Dusk Before the Dawn

Barnes & Noble Signing  (2013)