The Parallel Ops Series

The Seeds of Civilization novels are loosely based on the theories of Graham Hancock and others who believe that highly developed civilizations existed on Earth thousands of years before the time currently put forth by mainstream Anthropology.
The series accepts Hancock’s theories, in principal, but goes on to explore the questions of how and where these ancient civilizations might have acquired their advanced knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and architecture. For example, why were the Maya of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula able to predict the exact time of a solar eclipse more than 500 years before the “advanced thinkers” of Europe discovered that the Earth isn’t actually flat?
If Hancock’s theory is correct—that an advanced civilization existed on Earth 9,000 years ago—one has to wonder whether there were even earlier civilizations, each lost to some global cataclysmic event. What if the Mesopotamians weren’t really Earth’s first civilization but merely the sprout from a recently planted Seed?

The Scientists

Frank and his team get their first glimpse of the strange forces that have been work on Earth for eons.

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The Informants

While on the run from international terrorists, a young couple stumbles upon a dark secret in Mexico's Baja.

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The Guardians

From a floating base in the Caribbean, the team seeks to protect a secret hidden deep beneath the sea.

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The Teachers

The stunning conclusion to the double series: Will mankind learn before time runs out - again? 

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