History’s mysteries come alive — and full circle — in this eye-opening thriller
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Each novel explores a different ancient mystery in a quest to find the lost civilizations of antiquity.

As a result of their incredible—but unintentional—discoveries in Mexico and Japan, the NWIDI team has become an unofficial resource for certain government agencies. A call from “the highest levels” sends them back to Mexico to investigate the nature and origin of sunken megalithic structures discovered just off the western tip of Cuba. More than 2,100 feet below the surface, the site gives up secrets from the ancient past as well as the days of the Cold War but the team’s exploration is cut short by a Cuban gunboat.
     Following a mysterious underwater anomaly, the team soon finds itself in the Bahamas, well inside the boundaries of the infamous Bermuda Triangle and surrounded by a growing body of evidence which suggests that an alien interference with Earth’s civilizations might not be limited to the past. In this startling conclusion to the Seeds of Civilization series, one of the NWIDI team members embarks on a quest for the truth that could affect the future of all mankind.
     As with the first two books in this series, the storyline of Triangle is drawn from a real, unexplained archaeological mystery. The ruins off the coast of Cuba were first reported in July, 2000, and underwater archaeological research in the Bahamas may soon change the history of human civilizations. By the time you finish this book, it may have to be classified as fact rather than fiction!

NOTE: Little is known about the actual discovery of “MEGA”—a city submerged in more than 2,000 feet of water off the Western tip of Cuba. While secrecy still clouds the real site, Triangle takes readers on a fictional tour of the underwater ruins and reveals some amazing connections to both the island of Cuba and the mysteries of the Bahamas.

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“Take a little of Graham Hancock’s theories on Earth’s ancient civilizations, mix in some Clive Cussler-type adventure and action, put on your scuba gear and grab your archaeological text books. Let me see…that’s one part action, one part speculative fiction, one part underwater adventure, one part… aw, heck, don’t classify it. Just read Triangle, the third and concluding novel in R. J. Archer’s Seeds of Civilization series.” – Larry Ketchersid, author Dusk Before the Dawn