“Meticulously detailed, scientifically imagined.”
– Larry Ketchersid, author Dusk Before the Dawn
“A Lot of Fun: In the tradition Indiana Jones and the X-files…”
– William Black, Amazon reviewer

Each novel explores a different ancient mystery in a quest to find the lost civilizations of antiquity.
artist: Alvaro Fontan

A twist of fate changes everything for widower Frank Morton, a Seattle aerospace engineer. An unexpected windfall lifts him from the depths of despair and a friend’s surprise call sets him on a path he hadn’t considered since his bachelor years. He revisits boxes that hold years of abandoned research about unexplained archeological mysteries and then sets off to follow the trail of a mysterious artifact.
     The investigation leads Frank and friends on a journey from Seattle to the secret military installations of Nevada and on to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Along the  way, they attract the unwanted attention of government agents, Mexican federales and an ancient Maya priest. They also stumble across a three thousand year old secret that suggests a possible link between the shamans of Mesoamerica and a race of alien explorers.

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“What would you do if you won an $86 million lottery jackpot? In Archer’s… novel, his lead character, a Seattle aerospace engineer, chooses to explore the unexplained.” – PSU Magazine,
Off the Shelf, Fall 2004

“Indiana Jones meets Chariots of the Gods!” – scifidimensions.com, Honorable Mention 2002 Hugo (Best Web Site)

“Fasten your seatbelts for an engaging joyride through a labyrinth of riddles involving the ancient Maya, a U.S. military installation in the Nevada desert, and alien explorers from centuries past. Tractrix is a fast-paced yarn, based on intriguing historical perspective, and it’s sure to keep you guessing… right up until its surprising conclusion.” – Al Lohner, Portland writer and author of Avalon

“Many people don’t look to the small independent presses for authors to try. This is perhaps one of the biggest losses to the reader as there are some hidden gems awaiting discovery, using Tractrix as an example… R.J. Archer, I believe is one of the authors to watch and I eagerly await the further exploits of the NWIDI adventurers.” – Gareth Wilson, Book Reviewer, Falcata Times, The Sci-Fi Fantasy Site