The Northwest Institute of Discovery and Investigation (NWIDI) is a fictitious organization conceived by Frank Morton in the Epilogue of Tractrix and created in the opening chapters of Tsubute. Thanks to some help from the Department of Defense, Frank acquires a nearly-new Learjet 60 which turns out to have a back story of its own. In Triangle it takes on a major role.


In the first pages of TRACTRIX, Tony reveals a mysterious black sphere that he acquired in a small town north of Las Vegas. The surface of the sphere is inscribed with pictures that appear to be Maya hieroglyphs.
     In TSUBUTE, an ancient Ninja throwing weapon is found at the scene of a murder outside the NWIDI hanger. The team’s investigation takes them to the site of an ancient underwater megalithic structure just off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan.
     In TRIANGLE, Frank and an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) crew accidently discover a metalic box burried 2,100 feet below the surface off the western tip of Cuba. The box contains five triangle-shaped “coins” that hold a secret all their own. A trail of evidence leads the NWIDI team to another triangle—the infamous Burmuda Triangle—where the novel and the series comes to a startling conclusion.

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