Sequestered in an underground bunker for their own protection, three of the four NWIDI team’s amateur investigators—joined by a husband-and-wife flight crew, a four-year-old child and a dog—are tasked by the President to serve as the first U.S. emissaries to make contact with an alien intelligence.

About the Characters – the backstories

The Northwest Institute of Discovery and Investigation (NWIDI) was conceived by Frank Morton in the Epilogue of Tractrix. It funded research around the archaeological investigations carried out by Frank and friends throughout the Seeds Of Civilization series, including the site of a sunken pyramid off a southern island in Japan and a submerged lost city off the tip of Cuba. After Frank’s disappearance at the conclusion of the series, NWIDI was finally disbanded by Tony Nicoletti. In The TEACHERS the team members, minus Frank Morton, are reunited for their most important mission yet.

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