Sequestered in an underground bunker for their own protection, three of the four NWIDI team’s amateur investigators—joined by a husband-and-wife flight crew, a four-year-old child and a dog—are tasked by the President to serve as the first U.S. emissaries to make contact with an alien intelligence.

About the Characters – the backstories

Lost team member, Dr. Frank Morton grew up as a military “brat” and traveled from base to base until he joined the Air Force at 18. He was trained as a para-rescueman in both sky diving and SCUBA diving. After graduating from the University of Washington, Frank went to work for Boeing as an engineer. He married Donna Sommerset in 1982 and the couple settled in Seattle’s trendy Waterfront district. Frank earned his Ph.D. in aerospace engineering through a work-study program and in 1999 he was picked to lead a team of Boeing scientists and engineers developing components for the International Space Station. Two days after Christmas, 2000, Donna was killed in a freak automobile accident near the couple’s condo and Frank spiraled into a period of deep depression. On June 13, 2001, Frank was the sole winner of an $86 million Powerball jackpot. In 2002 he founded NWIDI. In 2003 he dsappeared in a mysterious diving accident in the Bahamas.

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