Sequestered in an underground bunker for their own protection, three of the four NWIDI team’s amateur investigators—joined by a husband-and-wife flight crew, a four-year-old child and a dog—are tasked by the President to serve as the first U.S. emissaries to make contact with an alien intelligence.

About the Characters – the backstories

Michael “Buzz” Edwards—always an over-achiever—rose through the ranks of career federal employees by completing tasks better and faster than his peers and attained pay grade GS-13, the civilian equivalent of a lieutenant colonel, at the age of thirty-five. Along with his promotion came a new position as Section Head at the Department of Defense’s Defense Contract Administration Agency in Washington, D.C.
     Less than a month after relocating to the nation’s capital, Edwards was approached by—and invited to join—an ultra-conservative group which seemed to be genuinely concerned about the state of the country. Only later did he learn that this international group—known only as the Six—had its own devious plans for the future of the world. Seven years later, Edwards was the chairman of the U.S. division and in line to be the Chairman General.

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