“The Teachers reunites the entire NWIDI team for an epic battle between good and evil–one which could very well decide the fate of mankind!”
– TreasureWorks.com – Tommy Vawter, Explorer, Adventurer and International Treasure Hunter

Will mankind learn before time runs out…again?


In this stunning conclusion to the Parallel Ops series and the entire seven-book double series, the original cast of characters is reunited, at the request of the President, to undertake the most important public relations project ever conceived.

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“I have been a fan of mysterious archaeological fiction even as a child. New technologies are helping reveal unknown secrets from our past via satellite imagery and R.J. Archer takes a fictional look at some amazing discoveries and puts his own spin on them.
     In The Teachers, his grand finale, he finally answers the ‘Who?’ and ‘Why’ questions his readers have been asking since his first book.”

– Satellite Archaeology Foundation, Inc – Angela Micol, President