“The books by RJ Archer have all fascinated me, but this one was the best yet. I could scarcely put it down.
     ”Alien artifacts with mysterious functions, secret organizations bent on controlling their power, government agencies (good? evil?) locking them and the people who know of them up in secret fortified dens with little chance of escape — Mr. Archer weaves these elements into a fascinating tapestry of evil, mystery and hope.”

– Cathy Sunson, Amazon reader

The Scientists work from their secret laboratory to protect alien artifacts from powerful international terrorists.


Jim Barnes, the shy anthropologist introduced in Archer’s previous series, investigates the artifacts he and his team members collected in TRIANGLE.  During a speaking engagement in Munich, Germany, Jim is handed some documents that shed new light on the artifacts and make him the target of
an international terrorist group.

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“Dr. Jim Barnes, a low-key former Professor of Anthropology at the University of Washington, never thought of himself as a leader… An academic and skeptic turned radical theorist, he suddenly finds himself a sought-after lecturer and expert on Earth’s ancient civilizations and how they came to possess their advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics. Following a conference speaking engagement in Munich, he is forcefully recruited by his government to lead a quest to communicate with an alien race while simultaneously protecting it from International terrorists.”
– Mike Igartua, reader