“The Informants is a fun thriller that moves quickly and covers a lot of territory among its suspenseful twists and turns. Former government investigators Linda and Javier find not only their secret identities in jeopardy but their lives in danger after they unwittingly intercept some cryptic messages…an intriguing delight for adventure and suspense readers as well as seasoned Baja buffs.”
– Greg Niemann, Author of several books, including Baja Legends

While on the run from international terrorists, a young couple stumbles upon a dark secret in the mountains of Mexico’s Baja.


We join Linda McBride, her husband and their three-year-old daughter on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula as they live a secret life with an assumed identity. The chance discovery of encrypted radio signals puts them on the trail of an organization bigger—and more dangerous—than all the cartels in Latin America.

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“I decided to try Mr. Archer’s suggestion to read the first two books in parallel…a chapter in one, then a chapter in the other…to see where the stories intersected. These are great stories that take place simultaneously on different parts of the globe. The Scientists (Munich, Andros Island and Washington D.C.) and The Informants (Baja California Sur) have a near miss with each other in the Bermuda Triangle…on Andros Island in the Bahamas. The story captivated me and made me feel like I was traveling to some very intriguing places!”
– MLO, editor