The novel The Guardians introduces readers to four new main characters. Tony Nicoletti returns, on a mission to prevent a multi-national terrorist group from destroying “The Teachers” and their efforts to stabalize our decaying civilization.

About the Characters – the backstories

Rob Jefferies was born in Gresham, Oregon, in the spring of 1959. His parents, Hank and Lulu, still live in the house where Rob grew up and are active seniors in their community. Rob attended high school in Portland and graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. After graduation, Rob was recruited by Microsoft and lived in the Redmond, Washington area for four years. During this time he met and married Anne Hansen who was attending graduate school at the University of Washington. In 1985 Rob and Anne moved to Portland and started a company that developed software for the banking and credit union industry. Just short of twenty years later, they sold the business and retired to Belize.

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