The novel The Guardians introduces readers to four new main characters. Tony Nicoletti returns, on a mission to prevent a multi-national terrorist group from destroying “The Teachers” and their efforts to stabalize our decaying civilization.

About the Characters – the backstories

Erik Mueller served in the Gulf War as a member of the U.S. Army Green Berets, achieving the rank of Captain. Although he had a promising future in the military, he received a better offer from a little-known agency of the Federal Government and was soon assigned to Buzz Edwards, whom he has served for nearly seventeen years. Under Edwards’ influence, Mueller hardened into a ruthless soldier of fortune, capable of commiting despicable acts in the name of The Six. As a result of his commitment to the group’s plans, he became a key figure in the search for missing operative Miles Adderly. Officially, he is no longer listed as an employee of the Federal Government. Mueller is approximately 40 years old.

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