The novel The Guardians introduces readers to four new main characters. Tony Nicoletti returns, on a mission to prevent a multi-national terrorist group from destroying “The Teachers” and their efforts to stabalize our decaying civilization.

About the Characters – the backstories

Carley Quinn was born in Orange Walk District, Belize, in 1960. Shortly after graduating from secondary school, she left her Mennonite community of Blue Creek Village and moved to Belize City to find her own way in life. Two years later, when she married local construction worker Tom Bowen, her family disowned her and they haven’t spoken since. Tom was a drunk and often out of work, but Carley worked as a waitress and kept food on the table for fifteen years before Tom was killed in a work-related accident. She used Tom’s life insurance to pay off their house and open the Pirates Cove bar, on Belize’s seamy lower waterfront, which she has operated for just over ten years. For the past two years, the property housing the bar has been owned by Rob Jefferies, an American retiree.

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