“…hands down… this was the best one yet from the Parallel Ops series…had me captivated until the last word literally. The story continues from Tony Nicoletti’s point of view, taking you through the streets of Belize to a fantastic voyage across the ocean to the Virgin Islands. Underwater adventures and mysteries abound as you get ever closer to the conclusion…   R.J. is the first I know of to write a series that weaves itself… bringing the different stories together into one cohesive plot. it keeps you wondering whats next, and how the other story will tie in. This was a great and well written book.”
– Jon M Hudson, Actor, Artist

From their floating base in the Caribbean, a multi-national team seeks to protect a secret hidden deep beneath the sea.


Tony Nicoletti attempts to put his life back together after being held in a secret underground facility for more than five years. His mission: to locate and destroy those who held him while protecting the biggest secret in the history of mankind.

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“So factual you forget its science fiction. All of R.J. Archer’s books are enjoyable, fast paced, and easy to read. I especially appreciate the lack of profanity and graphic, gratuitous sex, making these stories suitable for a wide audience.
     Contrary to the Seeds of Civilization series, the Parallel Ops series can be read in any order or concurrently, but the Seeds of Civilization series should be read first for context.”

– James McIlvaine, Kindle edition

“great read. I picked the first three books in the series up at Club Cruceros in La Paz. This is reminiscent of Dirk Pitt with an alien twist!”
– Brad, Kindle edition