In time, I’ll walk you through the Seeds of Civilization series (3 novels) and the follow-on Parallel Ops series (4 novels) but let’s start with a little about my current project, the Dolphin Directive series.

Unlike my first seven novels, which run about 100,000 words each, the installments of Dolphin Directive will be novellas of 40,000 to 60,000 words. The “heroes” and “heroines” of these works will be dolphins, ably assisted by some humans you will remember from my Parallel Ops series.

Initially the dolphins will be those you first met in my sixth novel, The Guardians: Emma, Blanca, Flash, Jumper and Tango. These are the same Bottlenose dolphins from Belize who helped the staff of the Turneffe Wild Dolphin Institute (TWDI) develop the Dolphin/Human Interface Module (D/HIM), a device that allows bidirectional communications between dolphins and humans. For more about the D/HIM, see my seventh novel, The Teachers.

The Dolphin Directive series will chronicle various “missions” undertaken by the dolphins in which they employ their unique characteristics and points of view to resolve a crisis. We’ll begin off the coast of Belize with a cruise ship and some terrorists, but future missions will take place all over the globe as news of the D/HIM spreads, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!