The following is a letter from Emma, one of the main characters in my new Dolphin Directive series. This letter will serve as the introduction to the first installment, which is currently in production.

During the summer of 2008, high-level dolphin-to-human communications became possible thanks to a device now known as the Dolphin/Human Interface Module (D/HIM). The original prototype for today’s devices was a gift to humanity from an alien race known as the Teachers just prior to their departure from Earth.

In addition to two working units, the Teachers left behind a limited supply of the unique alien component required to create additional devices. This valuable cache was entrusted to the Turneffe Wild Dolphin Institute which at the time was headquartered in Belize City. While the overall design of the translation device continues to be refined and improved, the engineers at TWDI have never been able to duplicate or reverse-engineer that one mysterious and critical component. For this reason, the dissemination of D/HIM devices has been very limited. Many individuals, research organizations and even governments have made formal requests for D/HIM translators but very few devices have actually been delivered. However, those units that are in use have already changed the world more than most humans realize.

What follows are the accounts of specific situations where the D/HIM device has been successfully used to facilitate communications between our own species and the humans that also inhabit our planet.

“Emma” – Lead Dolphin, Turneffe Wild Dolphin Institute, Belize